Ziggo Dome And Afas Live Fire One Third Of Their Staff

Both the Ziggo Dome and Afas Live fire one-third of their staff. The reorganization is being implemented as a result of the corona measures.

The Ziggo Dome will lose 14 employees out of a total of 34 employees as of 1 October. Afas live is said to involve 10 out of 25 employees. This also includes people with a permanent contract. Those involved were recently informed.

Ziggo Dome director Danny Damman tells the newspaper that the upcoming events are not enough to offset the losses of recent months. "Despite the nice new concert initiatives, there is still no prospect of profitable events," says Damman.

Afas Live director Birgitte de Winter says to Het Parool: 'With great sorrow, we have to let team members go. It is far-reaching but necessary. " Scrapping the jobs is part of a number of measures for Afas Live to keep the company financially healthy.

It was recently announced that Paradiso will also cut its workforce considerably. There is not only a financial gap there, but the future of the pop temple is also uncertain. "These are organizations, just like theatres, only when they are almost full, then the euro goes in the right direction," director Kleiss told AT5 earlierParadiso will cut 60 of the 230 jobs.

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