Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes First Person To Get 200 Million Followers On Instagram

Juventus forward, Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first person to reach 200 million followers on Instagram.
The Portuguese star now has 27 more followers than the next most-followed person on the site, musician Ariana Grande.
In 2018, he passed Selena Gomez to become the most followed person on Instagram – Gomez herself has since been overtaken by Grande and actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.
Ronaldo was also named as the highest celebrity earner on Instagram in July 2019.
He pockets about £784,000 anytime he makes a post on the social media site.
The player had made 2,606 posts as at July 23, 2019 to his page, a number which has risen to 2,754 as at January 29, 2020.

And it’s not just the odd “thank you” post after games for the Juventus forward as we usually see with other sports stars.

Ronaldo spices up his account with pictures from photo shoots, shots of him working out, of him on vacation and particularly with his family.

His charity work is also one part of his life on full display on the page.
The popularity of his account is prime advertising ground for brands who will now have to fork out close to £800,000 for every promotional post.

This amount has risen by about £200,000 since last year due to the steady growth of the page and the staying power of Cristiano himself.

Despite leaving then-European Champions Real Madrid, the player had a successful campaign with Italian giants Juventus last year, winning the Serie A title and being named the best player of the division.
He has already scored 10 goals this season for the club.

Ariana Grande and Dwayne Johnson trail Ronaldo with while Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner round out the Top 4.
Full Top 10
11. Cristiano Ronaldo – 200 million
22.  Ariana Grande – 173 million
33.  Dwayne Johnson – 170 million
44. Selena Gomez – 167 million
  5.  Kylie Jenner – 159 million
66.  Kim Kardashian – 158 million
77. Lionel Messi – 141 million
88.  Beyonce – 139 million
99. Neymar – 132 million
 10. Justin Bieber – 126 million

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