4 Reasons Why Burna Boy Might Not Win Grammy Award This Year. (A MUST READ)

Burna Boy‘s nomination in Best World Music Album category was celebrated with much fanfare especially with the expectation of a win in sight.
Several Nigerian artistes have been nominated in that category but every year, we keep coming up short.
The reason why his win means so much more to us. A win will definitely propel afrobeat to the world the more and also, it will stem Burna Boy‘s name in the history books.
Still, the Grammy isn’t The Headies where one can predict who will win. It’s also not a respecter of big names or rave of the moments.
Who wins the Grammy is decided by the expansive recording academy who cast vote in determining the winners of the categories.
Here Are Reasons That Might Stop Burna Boy From Winning;

1. First Timer On Grammy Nominees’ List

For now, most of Burna Boy‘s successes have happened in the UK and the streaming populace in the US is not aware of his name and so is the bulk of the recording academy who will be voting for him.
This means they might rather go for someone who they know and are accustomed to. Probably Angelique Kidjo.

2. Lack Originality In African Giant Album

Most of the songs on African Giant album had samples from Fela Kuti and a fellow nominee in the same category, Angelique Kidjo.
Sampling makes for great pop music because the genre thrives on familiarity.
But major awards considering artistic and technical achievements, originality might be prized above popularity.
Here, Burna Boy could fall short.

3. Politics Of The Genre

Burna Boy might have issues with the recording academy as there’s too much influence of US R& B on most songs on the album.
The album isn’t a full representation of Afrobeats as there are collaborations with Jorja SmithFuture and YG.
Some members of the recording academy are likely to consider Burna Boy‘s music as not fully belonging to the World Music category enough to be named the winner.

4. Angelique Kidjo Is A Major Threat

Lastly, it’s not in the Grammys’ nature to ignore an album by Angelique Kidjo. Since releasing her first album with Island Records in 1994, she has received 9 nominations and she has won thrice.
Her nominated album, Celia pays tribute to the influential Cuban artist Celia Cruz, which means there are two cultures outside of the US being celebrated.
This could lead to a Kidjo win and that means if the competition is Burna Boy‘s African Giant, it is hard to bet against Celia, a multi-cultural work in a category aimed at recognizing music talent from non-American cultures.
Burna Boy might go on to win come January 26 but then, the chances are slim due to these factors and most importantly Angelique Kidjo as competition.
We can only pray for our own African Giant to emerge winner at this point. 

Do You Think Burna Boy Will Displace Angelique Kidjo To Win Grammy Best Music Album Award?

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