DR. REAL Launches A New Record Label To Help Up Coming Musicians

Eric Nana Mensah known in the showbiz as DR. ReAL is one of the enterprising young millionaires whose vision is to assist up and coming musicians in Ghana.

As part of his vision to project and manage talented musicians in Ghana, Dr ReAL has put in place a new record label named REAL ENTERTAINMENT.

The core objectives of this record label not only centred on entertainment fraternity but also cast across any given talent includes football and so on.

According to him, REAL ENTERTAINMENT is a record label full of life and thus it is a religion of good on its own with a quality piece of arts and natural music, movie and other God-given talents.

Dr ReAL Entertainment is a record label full of life. Let me start by explaining ReAL Entertainment, ReAL Entertainment is a religion of good and quality piece of arts and natural music, movie and other pure God giving talents.” He said.
Asserting his vision to the world, Dr ReAL believes that REAL ENTERTAINMENT can nourish most of the dreams to reality therefore making anyone under the label to achieve his or her dream.
ReAL Entertainment will make a dream comes to reality for everyone who has the talents to art, sing, rap, play football and all other God giving talents. Dr ReAL is a humble young man who has everyone in heart and will never rest until good music and arts known all across the universe.” He added.

Currently, REAL ENTERTAINMENT has one artiste called PAMPER under their umbrella seasoning him for the world.

You can get in touch with REAL ENTERTAINMENT on all the social media platforms
WHATSAPP: 0243572400

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