Latest Louis Vuitton SS20 Has Millionaire Glasses

Virgil Abloh‘s Spring/Summer 2020 Men’s collection made its debut on the runway in Paris this summer in June. Since then, we’ve been given access to a couple of previews of what was presented on the runway and a few other surprises set to debut next season.
We’ve offered a full rundown of some footwear and accessories as well as some early showroom preview shots immediately right after the runway showcase.
This time around, we’ve been given another preview of the highly-anticipated SS20 range and there are a few pieces we haven’t yet fully covered. In addition to the colourful kicks that some of you might have already seen, there are a few footwear silhouettes such as the boots and giant logo-emblazoned sneakers.
There’s also an extensive range of the colour coordinating items at hand such as a vibrant blue hue seen on hats, bags, wallets, belts and a few garments. A bold orange tone also makes its way on a lot of the similar aforementioned items.
Standouts this time around include the Millionaire glasses which will come out in playful pastel hues, lightweight layered tulle shirts and jackets, floral-patterned tops, as well as some intricate multi-pocket jackets and coats. There’s also a new watch coming out that was specifically designed by Virgil and feels like the piece de resistance of this season’s watch collective.
Check out the entire preview above. In other fashion news, Helmut Lang just collaborated with artist Marc Hundley for some limited-edition pieces.

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