A while ago everyone with an opinion made a list of the best rappers ever. We saw the craziest things and many discussions arose. This time the discussion is going in a completely different direction because currently there is a list of the 50 worst rappers ever. It does not seem entirely clear who made the list, but a lot of commotion has arisen.
Especially the high score for Lil Yachty (number 3) is going down the wrong way with people, but also the fact that Earl Sweatshirt, Cassidy, Ludacris and 21 Savage is on the list at all causes reactions. Other notable names are Logic, French Montana, YG and Tyga. Check the list and some responses below.

just saw a worst rappers all time list with oj da juiceman on it im logging off
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I just seen a list of 50 worst rappers and it had Gudda Gudda on it 🤦🏽‍♂️ y’all need to die now. this has gone too far
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YG and 21 Savage are just decent to me but wouldn't put them anywhere near a worst rappers list, and even if you don't like Earl's music his lyricism, flow etc is mad
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Bro they got Luda on the worst rappers list jed this generation is disappointing
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That list of 50 worst rappers had me shedding real life tears cuz it's too fucking funny
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👀 Is this list accurate or 🧢?
CASSIDY IS TOP 50 worst rappers WHERE IN WHAT UNIVERSE 👀 .....UR DRUNK an CHIEF KEEF 🤦‍♂️ u popped a perc 30s before makin dis post im guessin
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I know these fuck niggaz don't got Lil Yachty & Lil B up there with Ron Artest and 50 Tyson. WEBBIE? EARL SWEATSHIRT? GUDDA FUCKING GUDDA? FROM YOUNG MONEY? On the top 50 WORST RAPPERS LIST?

Who made this? I just wanna talk
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Obviously I’m still sleep because I just saw a “50 worst rappers list” with Earl Sweatshirt, Cassidy and LUDACRIS on it. I’m bouta go back to bed and try again
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Whoever put Ludacris and Cassidy in the top 50 worst rappers list need to be banned from hip hop. Nigga gotta be trolling.
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I know y’all did not just put Chief keef 21 Savage G Herbo Shawty Lo and earl sweatshirt on that 50 worst rappers list smh
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