Diamond Speaks On Harmonize Exiting Wasafi Records

Word has it that Konde Boy, better known as Harmonize is exiting Diamond’s Wasafi Records to start his own record label.
According to reports, the Matatizo hitmaker has been feuding with Diamond hence the decision to walk out.
Well, Diamond has now come out to comment on why Harmonize missed his expected performance in the ´One Africa Music Fest´ which he was booked under Wasafi Record.
According to Diamond, Harmonize missed the US performance because of Visa issues, further revealing that his management board was behind the itinerary and therefore planned his events.
“Wakati mwingine mambo ya visa yanatokea, ndio hivyo, tukipata tunaenda tukikosa sawa tu. Lakini tunaamini show zinazofuata kila dancers wangu watatakiwa kuwepo naye atakuwepo,”said Diamond.
Diamond’s and Harmonize’s fallout seemingly began earlier on in the year when Diamond, through his Inama song, told the world that Harmonize fired his ex-bodyguard Mwarabu for having an affair with Harmonize’s fiancé, Sarah.
Earlier on in the week, however, Harmonize fueled his fall out rumours with Diamond by changes he made on his Instagram account.  A cross-check on his profile indicates that he did not only delete “signed under WCB Wasafi” on his bio but also followed Platnumz’s archenemy, Ali Kiba.
Just last month, He had refuted claims of leaving Wasafi, but his recent actions seem to confirm otherwise. Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni, who is a close friend to Harmonize, also made it public that Konde Boy is officially on his way out to start his own record label.
"He is in the process of leaving Wasafi and setting up his own record label called, 'Konde Gang'," Maina said during his breakfast show.

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