Ayanda Jiya drops her debut album

Ayanda's soothing voice has been likened to late R&B singer Tsakani Mhinga's.
Chanteuse Ayanda Jiya has positioned herself as the face of modern, local R&B.
Her debut album Ayandastand stays true to the vulnerability, honesty and esteem of the genre.
At last mainstream is excited again about R&B, so much so that when her anticipated album dropped last Friday, it topped iTunes and Google Play charts - and continues to stay there.
Her soothing voice and sound has been likened to the late R&B trailblazer Tsakani "TK" Mhinga - a compliment that she will gladly take and run with. "She was a pioneer. For me to be mentioned in the same bracket, it's humbling. It means I'm doing something right and unique that people can relate to," she observes.
"A lot of people have said ever since TK left, there are big shoes to be filled. I agree with that because she had left a huge mark when it came to local R&B. For me I can only give my own definition of what R&B is to me. She will always stay an inspiration for people like us as we move it forward," she says.
The 32-year-old songbird's 11-track album features Stogie T on Love 4 Life, 
A-Reece on Falling for You and Ziyon on Night Away.
Her first single, The Sun, has been a fan favourite; along with Trade, Soldier of Love and Worth It.

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