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Verzoek Film Venserpolder / Request Film Venserpolder

I’m emailing you because at this moment I am working on a short film named “Venserpolder” which will take place fully in Venserpolder in Zuidoost, within the Ghanese community of Amsterdam. For this production I am looking for people that are wiling to help us together with director Teddy Cherim. We would like to work together as much as possible with the Ghanese community of Amsterdam, therefore I am sending you this email.

To give some more insight on the film, below you will find a summary:

Venserpolder talks about Williams, a young crown prince from Ghana that has built a prosperous cleaningimperium within Venserpolder in Amsterdam. When his father passes away, the king, Williams is being confronted with a strong internal conflict. 

One of the key scenes of the films takes place in a local radiostation, in which we see an interview between our lead character Williams and a radio dj. For this I would like to get in contact with you, to see whether we can set up an appointment and talk about your radiostation and to have a look inside the station. I would also like to see if there is a possibility of filming this scene in Hi Radio station. 

The shoot days are planned in the first/second week of June. Upcoming Monday 15 April me, our director and some key crew members will be visiting Venserpolder to go by some locations to talk to people and find some more inspiration. Is it possible to plan a meeting at Hi Radio? Somewhere in the afternoon?

To conclude,

- Can we set up a call for tomorrow Tuesday 2 April at 12:00? So I can give some more context for the film?
- Can we visit Hi Radio on 15 April in the afternoon? If so, at what time would be best for you?
- Are you willing to talk about filming at Hi Radio? We would take care of all equipment, cast, crew etc. The shoot would take a maximum of 4 hours and can be done outside opening times. 

Thank you very much in advance.

Have a good day.


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