Yaa Pono - What I Did To Shatta Wale With Gbee Naabu Was Something Small

HI-Radio is back live! Friday the 3rd of August presents: Top Drop with Jerry Jay who sits down with Yaa Pono, Ghana’s best freestyle rapper. While the M.C. is on his way to start his Canada and Europe tour, he gets to talk with Jerry on being a label owner, a dad and choosing the high road when it comes to social media beefs.
I was the first Ghanaian rapper to be famous on Youtube
The rapper talks on how he started his fame and popularity in the Ghanaian music scene, his international career and having to perform for non-Ghanaians in the West.
He recognized the importance of social media and growing his fanbase online. He is very motivated to  build his own industry through his label called Uptown Energy.
Shatte Wale beef
“I was disrespected on the show. And we had to leave”. The rapper explains more on the so called social feud media between himself and Shatta Wale, which he feels was uncalled for.
Though he could handle the situation in true street style, he decided to move forward and promote his hit single: Obiaa Wone Master and current album.
Talking to Dj Slim Heavy about Obiaa Wone Master, Slim asked Pono what he meant by ''Ghana No Be Jamaica" if he were referring to Shatta Wale. Ponobiom answered saying: Am a rapper not a dancehall artists and if Shatta wants beef the best person to pick up on is Stonebwoy not me.
What i did to Shatta with Gbee Naabu was something small. Am the only artists in Africa who have keys to shut Wale down. He should be thankful am not paying attention to him about things he is saying about me on radio and Tv.

How was the weed?
In style of a true Amsterdam borga, Jerry Jay asked Yaa Pono’s experience with Dutch ‘ganja’.
Find out more on what the rapper shares and have a listen to an exclusive freestyle on Hi-Radio.  

Written by: Ms.Aba

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