Africa On Focus: Getting Involved Into Africa’s Story

The 3rd episode of Africa on Focus aired on the 3 rd of June starring Ms.aba who interacted with Andile Masuku, Zimbabwean broadcaster, entrepreneur, tech columnist and co-founder of African Tech Roundup. The South-African based entrepreneur shared how he is keen to interact with
Africans in Amsterdam and learn on the strength of connections of Dutch-based Africans with the African continent.

“We need the Diaspora to be part of what’s going on in Africa. And we need to test the people who are sharing the narrative about us and stop allowing people who are not part of Africa’s future to share our story. Andile Masaku, co-founder of African Tech Roundup

Taking Africa from A to B
Andile Masuku is a sought after producer, media consultant, speaker, event director and voice-over artist servicing dozens of Africa’s biggest brands and agencies on a freelance basis every year. He co- founded Africa Tech Roundup, a successful podcast focusing on digital tech and innovations in Africa.

“Pick your lane and hack it 100 weeks in a row”

The entrepreneur shares how to be consistent when starting and launching your (business) idea. He believes in pushing your idea 100 weeks in a row before booking results. On Tuesday the 5 th of June, his company presents: #VillageDiariesAmsterdam, a live podcast event set up to create dialogue to get a sense of what’s trending in the world of Africans and Diasporas embedded in the city’s growing
local tech and innovation scene.

Watch the recap and find out more about what it takes to successfully launch a podcast and how this
Zimbabwean born successfully built his career in South-Africa. Stay involved with Andile Masuku and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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