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Wendy Williams Says Beyoncé Needs Auto-Tune

Wendy Williams says many singers need auto-tune including Beyonce.

Wendy Williams is constantly sparking some sort of controversy on her show with her hot takes. Whether it's bashing the Kardashians or beefing with 50 Cent, she's always saying something that ends up rubbing people the wrong way.
More recently, she chimed in on Fergie's disastrous performance of the National Anthem during the NBA All-Star game and attempted to drag Queen Bey into it.

According to Wendy Williams, there's only a handful of artists who can actually sing live without auto-tune but Beyoncé isn't one of them. The controversial talk show host spoke on Fergie's National Anthem incident that happened over the weekend.

During the segment, she said that there's a lot of singers who need auto-tune including Fergie, Beyonce and others.
"There are only a few people who can sing raw dog and Fergie is not one, she needs auto-tune. Jen Lopez needs auto-tune, Janet [Jackson] needs auto-tune, Beyonce needs auto-tune." She said, "Adele, Aretha, Celine, Dion Warwick and Mariah, they need nothing."
Wendy Williams' "Hot Topics" portion has got her into trouble on several occasions. At the tail end of 2018, Azealia Banks' said she'll be taking legal action against the TV personality after suggesting she sells sex for money.

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